netneurotools: Tools for network neuroscience

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This toolbox is a collection of functions written in Python that get frequent usage in the Network Neuroscience Lab, housed in the Brain Imaging Centre at McGill University.


Install directly from PyPi with pip install netneurotools or install the main branch with

git clone
cd netneurotools
pip install .


  • Network neuroscience metrics: up-to-date and optimized

    • Network communication

    • Null networks

  • Brain plotting functions: easy to use and customize

  • Statistics functions

  • Fetchers for common datasets

  • Utilities for working with FreeSurfer and CIVET

Check out our documentation for more information!


This package has been developed by members of the Network Neuroscience Lab in pursuit of their research. While we’ve made every effort to ensure these tools work and have some documentation, there is always room for improvement! If you’ve found a bug, are experiencing a problem, or have a question, create a new issue with some information about it and one of our team members will do our best to help you.

License Information

This codebase is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. The full license can be found in the LICENSE file in the netneurotools distribution.

All trademarks referenced herein are property of their respective holders.